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Charley Rosen Thinks Coach Montgomery is Incompetent and Coach Nelson is Strictly Average

I honestly think Fox Sports columnist Charley Rosen can be razor sharp a lot of the time. The problem is he mixes in some bizarre outbursts and makes some immature personal attacks. I try not to link to his pieces, but his NBA head coach rankings are pretty interesting.

Check out the column's subtitle:

With the departure of Mike Montgomery, there are no longer any incompetent coaches in the NBA.

Whoa that's harsh!

Rosen ranked Nellie as a C: strictly average coach:
Don Nelson: Too much smoke, too many bells and mirrors. Gimmicks don't succeed in the playoffs.
I'm just surprised he didn't take another spineless shot at Baron Davis in his analysis of Nellie.

Do you think Rosen's takes on Nellie and Monty are right?

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