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Don't Worry, He's Got It ALL Figured Out

Nellie's got a plan for sure, and we all know what to expect from him, a lot of running. "Nelson Charting the Warriors' Course". He's going to keep things as simple as possible and let the players use their instincts. It's possible he feels that the players were thinking too much last season rather than just going out there and playing.

"I'll have five plays which will have three different looks each," a relaxed-looking Nelson said at the Warriors practice facility Thursday. "I'm going to be very simple. I'm not going to overburden them with too many plays or too much thinking."

Run? Yep, the Nellie II Warriors are going to run. Beginning on the first day of training camp Tuesday, and starting with point guard Baron Davis.

"I like all my guys as light as possible," Nelson said. "Lighter than his lowest (playing) weight would be good for me."

Perhaps the line I was most intrigued by,

Meantime, he's pretty sure Mickael Pietrus will enjoy the coming season, as long as he understands he won't be shooting much.
To me, it sounds like Nellie is going to teach him the game. That standing out on the 3 point arc waiting for a pass is not a good way to play basketball.

What is Pietrus' role going to be? Just a lockdown defender?

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