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NBA Blog Previews: 30 teams in 30 days

Thanks to mastermind Jeff Clark from, the hoops blogosphere is assembling the phattest NBA season preview to hit the 'net. The fun started yesterday with previews for the Boston Celtics by, Celtics17 & CelticsStuff Live and LOY’s Place (man, there's a lot of Celtics blogs!). Today there's a great preview on the Crooklyn- I mean New Jersey Nets by NetsDaily Blog.

Golden State of Mind is up on the 26th of October to preview the Miami Heat- haha, okay the Golden State Warriors. It would be 100x more fun if we could preview a team that was contending for the championship, rather than a squad struggling to end a 12 year playoff drought, but oh well- at least we have the best mascot!

October is now 30x more fun!

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