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Done Deal: Bobcats Resign Melvin Ely

It looks like the heavily rumored Melvin Ely to the Warriors deal won't be happening as the Bobcats have extended a qualifying offer to him at $3.3 million. The Warriors didn't end up making a move for Melvin Ely, but it's great to see them so active. This is not a Nellie type of team, so expect a lot of trades this season for the Warriors. It should be fun.

Update from the AP report:
Ely said the Suns were prepared to give him a multiyear deal while the Warriors were offering a one-year contract. "They both had interest in me. It was a good thing," Ely said "It's happy to be loved, but I didn't feel comfortable making a move. I know Charlotte is home to me, so I came back."

Are you disappointed that the Warriors weren't able to work a sign-and-trade for Melvin Ely?

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