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RECAP, Preseason: Warriors 112, Hornets 103

Recap | Boxscore

Monta to the rack!
Is it just me or did someone not tell the Hornets fans there was a game today? Each person could have a whole row to themselves. Shoot, if I was at the game I'd ask to sit courtside. There were more Golden State Warrior fans showing up to the Don Nelson press than Hornet fans showed up to the game today. [EDIT] I obiviously didn't pay attention to the location of the game. Thanks cantfindanname, for pointing out the game was in LA at the Staples Center. My bad.

Anyways Warriors win! Yea it's only the preseason, but so what? Right now this is looking like it's going to be a fun season. The wins don't matter, but winning sure feels a lot better than losing. Tonight there was no Baron, no JRich, no Murphy. 3 starters missing and we take the Hornets out. I didn't see the game, but from the boxscore let's try to learn something from tonight.

1) Nellie's evaluating EVERYONE
I know what you're saying, "Thanks Fantasy Junkie, I already knew that". But look at the minute distribution, he's not favoring anybody. 7 of the 12 guys played more than 20 minutes and only one player played 30. The only 2 players to not play double digit minutes were Foyle (7 minutes and a T) and Diogu (8 minutes, 6 fouls). At the very top of his list to evaluate are the those on the cusp of being cut. Roberson, Barnes, and McLeod all played a significant chunk of minutes.

2) Monta's Firing
He's putting up shots like there's no tomorrow. 16 shots in 27 minutes plus 11 free throws is a lot lot of shots. He only shot 5-16, but because of the free throws he managed to score 18 to lead the way. Not impressive shooting, but the 11 free throws means he was being aggressive on offense forcing the D to react.

3) Free Throws still need work
The team shot 60% tonight. Looks like they need some more free throw drills and practice with the free throw specialist they brought in. 10 guys shot free throws, the only 2 above 75% were Monta and McLeod. Practice, practice, practice.

4) 48 points in the first half, what's wrong?
This team started out slow putting up "only" 48 points in the first half. Nellie wasn't having any of that. So the team came out and scored 31 in the 3rd and 33 in the 4th. Don Nelson is going to make sure the team scores at least 110 every game.

5) Ike in the Diogu house
Check out the diary, Is Ike Diogu in the doghouse???. bloodsweatdonuts coins the term Diogu house. What's going on with this guy? I expected him to have a significant role on this team, but now he's stuck at the end of the bench with Zarko and Foyle. This guy has too much skill in the post to languish on the end of the bench collecting DNP-CD's during the season. It's too early to give up on Ike, but just makes me think that this is the guy we didn't give up to get Artest. Hmmmm. I love his post moves and know the Warriors could use his skills, but he's got to learn the game and stop fouling.

What did you learn from the game tonight?

Because we all love pictures...

Notorious POB blocks CP3!

Mike driving hard to the bucket. As always, you gotta love his expressions!

Ouch. CP3's going to be CP1 after tonight.

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