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Larry Ellison to Buy the Team?

Over at Talking Points, GSoM favorite Tim Kawakami speculates that Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, might buy the Warriors.

I'm obviously just speculating here. The naming rights deal was just announced a few minutes ago, which allowed my flighty mind to wander...
  • Ellison has considered buying a few sports franchises and specifically made an unofficial bid for the 49ers a few years ago. It was rejected by John York.
  • What if he makes an offer Cohan can't-and wouldn't want to-refuse?
...This is a crucial time for the Warriors. Right now. And Ellison and Oracle have their foot in the door with the naming deal. The Oracle name will be associated with the Warriors, the Warriors with Oracle.

Larry Ellison could be our own version of Mark Cuban. He's a billionaire sports enthusiast. He reportedly tried to buy the Seattle Supersonics but was turned down because he wanted to move them to San Jose. If Cohan sells and Ellison buys the Warriors, he can stay local and have a team with a loyal fan base without any competing basketball teams. I've been pining for Cohan to sell the team for awhile now. He's given us nothing but 12 straight losing seasons. Perhaps the culture of losing is changing with the Don Nelson hiring, but it's possible everything remains the same. There needs to be new leadership in the franchise and it starts from the top. Someone else deserves a shot at giving us die hard fans the winning product we deserve. 12 years of losing is hard to swallow.

Just speculating, but would you want Ellison to buy the team?

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