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Hall O' Fame Voting: Nelson and Mullin

Chris Mullin and Don Nelson are now eligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame. Mullin played out his greatest years as a Warrior and will forever be remembered for his role in Run TMC and beyond. Nelson's 1200 wins speak for themself.

On Mullin:

"Absolutely," Nelson said when asked if Mullin was Hall-worthy. "The guy was a great player. But I don't know what they go by." To Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan, who faced Mullin dozens of times as a guard for the Seattle SuperSonics, the fact that Mullin's sweet left-handed jumper still resonates in the minds of fans is a sign of his quality.

"Any time you can call a guy's name and people can recall when they played and how they played -- evidently, they did something special," McMillan said. "Chris was a great shooter, a great competitor. He knocked down big shots and you feared him on the court."

On Nelson:

"He's changed basketball a few different times with his style of coaching, just basically changing the mind-set of what you can do with players on a court," McMillan said. "Coaching against him is very difficult, because a lot of what he does, no one else in the league does. They may try, but it's not the same."

The Hall's current rules prohibit active coaches from being considered until they have put in 25 years as a head coach; this will be Nelson's 28th season. Last year, Nelson was one of 10 North American finalists but fell short in the Honors Committee. He's automatically up for reconsideration by the North American committee this year.

I can't believe Nelson isn't a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. The man has the second most number of wins ever by a coach. He's turned around 3 franchises and about to do it again. As far as Mullin, it's not as clear to me. He was definitely a great player but was he one of the greatest of all time? That's tough to say, and maybe this is biased, but I think he deserves it. He's an original Dream Teamer and was a scoring machine. I don't think he gets in on the first ballot, but eventually I think he will get in.

Do you think Mullin and Nelson are Hall of Fame worthy?

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