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Wednesday Warrior Web Pins: 6 Hot Additions

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Seriously, these web pins are taking off. Here's our next set of Wednesday Warrior web pins from eshock, reppinthebay, jrich is the next mj, back2back51s and 2 entries from mightymadskillz. Make sure to get yours and use it for your signature. If you don't know how to, we're always willing to help, just send us an email,




GSoM Warriors Web Pins
Think of them as digital refrigerator magnets. They make excellent GSoM signatures, fun desktop images, cool rotating screensavers, hot IM avatars, fly MySpace profile add-ons, and great conversation pieces.

Got a Web Pin?
We know there's a lot of skilled Photoshoppers and graphic artists in the GSoM community, so definitely email us your own GSoM Warrior Web Pins or post them in a diary and we'll give your work some of that good ol' GSoM love and airtime on the main page. Keep the width at 160 pixels and make sure that it's all good for our family show. There's really only one rule- it has to be FUN. Here's a template (photoshop file) to get you started.

If you're a digital image rookie have no fear! Just email us a great image with your caption and BAM!- we'll get your Web Pin assembled.

Send us you Warrior Web Pins or requests to with the title "GSoM Warrior Web Pin- SUBMISSION" or "GSoM Warrior Web Pin- IDEA". Wednesdays have gotten that much more fun!