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OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 7 - Picks and Posts

It's that time of the week again. Week 7 has a lot of key matchups and some tough games to pick. With my record, you might want to go opposite of what I pick, but I might get lucky. Anyways, here goes nothing:

The Matchups
Byes: San Francisco, Chicago, Tennessee, St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore

Carolina @ Cincinnati: Cincinnati
Detroit @ NY Jets: NY Jets
Green Bay @ Miami: Green Bay
Jacksonville @ Houston: Jacksonville
New England @ Buffalo: New England
Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay: Philadelphia
Pittsburgh @ Atlanta: Pittsburgh
San Diego @ Kansas City: San Diego
Denver @ Cleveland: Denver
Arizona @ Oakland: Oakland
Minnesota @ Seattle: Seattle
Washington @ Indianapolis: Indianapolis
NY Giants @ Dallas: Dallas

The lone Bay Area team going this week is the Raiders. They might have a chance against an Arizona team that blew a chance to knock off one of the best teams in football. Will Arizona come to play or will they have a letdown? I'm picking the Raiders because, well, I have a good feeling about this game for them. That's some quality analysis for you right there. There's really no reason to pick the Raiders unless you're going with your gut. Good luck.

Pick & post everyone, pick & post

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