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Daily Basketball Shows GSoM Some Luv

The good people over at Daily Basketball gave Golden State of Mind some in luv in their listing of top hoops blogs. Here's what they had to say about GSoM:

The top blog for NBA teams in California isn't about the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, or even the Sacramento Kings (though we give props to Sactown Royalty). Golden State of Mind holds the title for their Golden State Warriors blog. The blog held the America's Next Biggest Warriors Fan Contest, all for a Warriors mascot doll. Make sure you read GSoM to follow the Warriors quest to the playoffs after the return of coach Don Nelson.

I also wanted to add that the top fans for NBA teams in California don't sport Lakers, Clippers, or Kings jerseys; they rep the Bay Area in Golden State Warriors threads.

It's an honor for GSoM to be recognized by other hoops bloggers and to be mentioned in the same line with other great hoops blogs like True Hoop, Slam Online, Hoops Addict, CelticsBlog, Need4Sheed, The Nugg Doctor, NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness, and Blog Maverick.

What are some of your other favorite hoops blogs? Make sure to hype them up in the comments section.

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