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Nellie's "Best Big Man"

We were pretty disappointed and critical of Andris Biedrins' 2nd season with the Warriors (see his 2005-2006 GSoM Report Card), but it looks like Biedrins is working hard on his game and actually improving. Check out what Nellie said about Biedrins the other day to Geoff Lepper for MediaNews:

"He's probably my best big man. He'll play a lot."

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty surprised that Coach Nelson has taken a liking to Biedrins' game. In his 2 seasons with the Warriors, Andris hasn't shown that he understands the game or that he can move fluidly. His offensive game outside of 6 inches of the basket is nonexistent. Maybe Nellie is hyping up Biedrins for a trade?

Here's an interesting tidbit though about what kind of physical shape Biedrins is in:

It's a just reward for Biedrins, who clocked in as much time at the team's downtown Oakland headquarters this summer as any Warrior, and also converted to the church of good eating. The 20-year-old Latvian has dropped roughly 15 pounds of fat while gaining twice that much in muscle mass. Warriors strength coach John Murray said Biedrins had dropped his body fat from 14 percent a year ago to just 5.

Props to Biedrins for working himself into amazing shape, but I don't think conditioning was ever really his problem. It was poor form, clumsiness, and those insane fouls.

There's always that horrendous free throw shooting too. Well, at least Nellie's getting a kick out it:

Also, there's that little problem with free-throw shooting: 30.6 percent last season, 1 for 7 during this exhibition season. Nelson expects that to be a long-range reclamation project.

``I don't expect that it's going to happen this year,'' Nelson said. ``It's going to be a year or two before maybe he gets it, but we're going to keep working every day with him. That's going to definitely hold him back from being a terrific player. I can drop-kick in free throws better than he can.''

What type of role do you envision Andris Biedrins having under Coach Nelson?

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