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JRich Should Be On for Opening Night

Some good news for your Tuesday morning! Just a few days ago it looked like JRich was going to miss opening night against the LA Kobe's on November 1st, but now it looks like he's on target for the season opener. Here's the details from Geoff Lepper of MediaNews:

By the time Golden State finished its preparations for tonight's final home exhibition, word had come down that Richardson -- sidelined since arthroscopic surgery on his left knee Aug. 22 -- was cleared to practice. Better yet, Coach Don Nelson's timetable ends with Richardson taking the floor Nov. 1 for the season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Quick- what's unusual about this picture?
AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

Although we'd all hate to see JRich rush back from an injury and worsen his condition, you gotta love his commitment. He could've easily sat out the first couple of games. It's clear that Jason wants to play badly and we want to see him play badly as well. JRich is the heart and soul of this team and he's setting a great example for the rest of the squad.

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