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OPEN THREAD: Preseason- Warriors vs Blazers (again)

Tonight isn't just any old preseason game at home against the Portland Trailblazers- it's the first game ever at The Oracle aka the Big O in the Biggity-Biggity-O! The Dubs edged out the Blazers in last Tuesday's thrilling overtime win (well, about as thrilling as a preseason game can be). Let's see if the Warriors can continue their preseason DOMINANCE.

A couple of things to look for:

  • Can the Warriors remain unbeaten in the preseason?
  • Can Mike Dunleavy continue to astound us with another excellent game against the Blazers?
  • Can Ike Diogu make the type of impact we all know he's capable of making?
  • And of course... which Blazer will have a career night against the Warriors?

The game isn't televised or on the radio, so unless you're seeing the game in person it looks like another night of hitting refresh a million times on a live boxscore. Post a comment if you can figure out how to listen to the game on the net.

If you're hitting refresh a million times on a live boxscore, make sure to post your game thoughts in the comments. If you can make the trip out to the area tonight, definitely post your thoughts in the comments later tonight for the entire GSoM community to enjoy. Bonus points if you take some cool photos or hook up some video clips.


UPDATE: I just heard on KNBR 680 that tonight's game WILL BE ON THE RADIO! (these are the little things that excite us Warriors fans).

UPDATE 2: Here's a great live boxscore from Yahoo! Sports


Warriors WIN 108-96!

UPDATE 4: AP Recap | Ticker Recap

UPDATE 5: Cause you luv the photos! (all photos: AP/Ben Margot)

There was an Adonal Foyle sighting tonight at the Arena... 5min, 0 pts, 2 rbs, 0 ast, 0 blk, 0 stl = 0 impact.

Something tells me this isn't going to scare any of the 4's and 5's in the West.

B Diddy won this point guard battle hands down

Nellie to McLeod: "Look at what BD did tonight son- THAT'S what's gonna take us to the playoffs!"

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