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Kerr's Pacific Division Preview

This week, Steve Kerr at Yahoo Sports, covers the Pacific Division and offers his prediction for how the teams will finish the season. We all know he's not a big Golden State Warrior fan, so it doesn't suprise me that he's got them at the bottom of the Pacific Division. From top to bottom, he's got them listed as Phoenix, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Golden State Warriors. But really, is there any good reason that he would put the Warriors above the 4 playoff teams from last year?  He would have to believe that Nellie can take what is essentially the same team as last year and squeeze 8 to 10 more wins out of them. I believe Nellie can do this based on his Hall of Fame coaching abilities and past experiences. Many Warrior fans believe Nellie can guide us to the playoffs. The national media is always going to be skeptical and not willing to take a chance on looking bad. But, the national media is going to look bad this year by predicting another Warriors season ending in the cellar of the Pacific.

Here's what Kerr had to write about the Warriors:

The Pacific basement figures to be occupied once again by the Golden State Warriors, but with Don Nelson running the show, they will be improved. He will have his team running and gunning, and with plenty of offensive versatility and talent at his disposal, don't be surprised if Nellie doesn't turn the Warriors around.

What do the Warriors have to do to convince the fans and the national media that they won't finish in the cellar of the division?

Also props to loyal GSoM community member GSDubz for spotting this Kerr article in his diary * * * Steve Kerr projects Warriors as last place * * *

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