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Magic 8 Ball and the Warriors

I'm a fan of Ray Ratto's work. He's always got a different perspective and weaves his articles in an entertaining fashion. This time around he's writing about the recent $30 million naming rights deal that has the Warriors now playing at The Oracle, or "The O" as I like to call it. Ratto wants the new logo at center court to be a giant 8-ball.

Now what better logo for this than the giant magic 8-ball? It is, after all, what people consult every October right before they predict a playoff year for the Warriors.

Thus, on Opening Night, you will walk into the building on 66th and 880 and it will come to you immediately. You are entering the place where the Lakers are playing ... and also the Warriors.

Plus, the 8 will make you think of the position in the standings that someday your grandchildren might see the Warriors achieve. It's a cruel notion, but a fair one.

So I decided to do my own little test at's Magic 8-ball section. Here's how it went, "O Magic 8-ball, will the Warriors make the playoffs this year?" (shake, shake shake)

I swear that was the first time I did it and it came up with that answer. No lie. The Magic 8-Ball never lies either. It's purely scientific. Seriously, at first, I was excited that it came up with "Without a doubt" and then I remembered that this was just dumb luck. So just like any good researcher, I tried it again, and here's what happened:

Not believing what I saw, I asked the same question over and over. You know what? 8 clicks later, the answers all came back saying the Warriors would make the playoffs. 10 times in a row the answer was positive! I'm actually getting excited for some strange reason. I think it's the whole 12 year drought thing and anything gets me excited about reading the Warriors will make the playoffs. Anyways, after the 10th time, I didn't need to keep asking the Oracle, also known as the Magic 8-ball, the same question over and over. I'm sure he/she was getting annoyed. So I've concluded and proven scientifically that the Warriors are indeed making the playoffs.

Magic 8-Ball, fact or fiction?

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