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Injuries are a part of the game, but these Warriors seem to get injured all the time. In the summer league it was Monta and POB. Then in August came JRich's surgery. Taft is done for the season. Murphy gets his nose broken and now Baron is sitting out a couple games to get healthy. This is not good news for a team that plans to run and run and run. Players can't get into shape if they're constantly recovering from injuries.

Three weeks into training camp, Nelson is running low on reserves. Injuries to major players have left him with a team he says is having "some fatigue problems" -- a potential concern given Nelson's up-tempo style.

The coach says to be in shape, because like it or not, conditioning is crucial to effectively running his small-ball sets. The Warriors' best players are their guards and they aren't a great shooting team, so Nelson's solution is to run, run, run.

Nelson said that Dunleavy, Mickael Pietrus, Anthony Roberson and Davis -- pre-thigh trouble -- are among those in great shape.

As for Wagner, he's looking solid this preseason, but when the regular season starts his minutes will have to be carefully monitored because of his condition.

The same goes for Wagner, who had his colon removed almost exactly a year ago and has not played in regular-season game for almost two seasons. Though Wagner has been subbing for Richardson in the starting lineup, Nelson said the guard fatigues quickly because of his condition. Said Nelson: "He's got to go in and play at a really high level for four minutes, and that's probably all he can do anyways."

I don't get it. Do we just have a team of injury prone players? Last year was similar with players missing considerable amounts of time. If our top players are missing too many games, this season won't turn out to be successful. Do you think all these injuries during training camp are a sign of things to come during the regular season?

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