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Monta the Ironman?

In sports, when I think of an Ironman I think of Lou Gherig, Cal Ripken, or Brett Favre. How about Monta Ellis? Well not quite, but this year the smallish guard is looking to show he can play major minutes despite his size. He's going to get a lot of minutes this year so if he wants to keep them he'll have to stay off the injured list.

"I think he's proven if he's healthy, he's going to play ahead of Wagner," Coach Don Nelson said. "He's gonna definitely be in the rotation."

"What I've seen from Ellis is that I don't know that he can play big minutes," Nelson said. "I'd like to have him on the floor more, but I probably have to be careful of that, because he might not be able to play the next game, so he's almost forced into a (reserve) position."

Monta doesn't think his minutes need to be limited, but he may not have a choice. Nelson needs to make sure he's got a healthy staple of guards in case Baron gets injured or JRich's injury acts up.

Is Monta injury prone and if so, should Nellie limit his minutes?

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