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Top 50 NBA Players

Fox Sports ranked the top 50 NBA players recently and there's going to be a lot of disagreement. First check out the top 10:

1. LeBron James
2. Dwyane Wade
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Tim Duncan
5. Dirk Nowitzki
6. Steve Nash
7. Kevin Garnett
8. Elton Brand
9. Shaquille O'Neal
10. Carmelo Anthony

One curious observation is the placement of Steve Nash. This is the reigning back to back MVP of the league. If people think so highly of him, why isn't he higher than at least Duncan and Dirk?

Jason Richardson and Baron Davis both made the list. Here's where they ranked and what Fox Sports had to say about them.

35. Baron Davis, Golden State Warriors, 27, 6-3, 215: 17.9 pts., 8.9 ast., 1.65 stl.

Nobody has ever questioned his skills and ability to be a floor leader. It's the direction, attitude and priorities people still wonder about. He can do it all, but instead of being a top-15 player, he's down here because he has rarely shown the right approach on a consistent level.

Because of his play last year, I think they have Baron ranked in the right spot. He's proven he can carry a team but also that he can drag a team down. This will be a big year for him if he can show people that he truly does care about playing for a great coach and winning some ball games. Next year, he cracks the top 20.

This is what I call a total lack of respect, but Fox Sports you'll come to recognize your mistake, and seriously, no apology necessary.

47. Jason Richardson, Golden State Warriors, 25, 6-6, 210: 23.2 pts., 5.8 reb., 1.29 stl.

Richardson has all the attributes of a superstar, with the size, athleticism and touch to do it all. The next step is to get his head on straight to become consistent; we'll see if Don Nelson can flip the switch to make him an ll-Star.

This, my friends, is what they call East Coast bias. Slam had him at 36 which I would say is about right. At 47 though, that's pretty far off. If Fox Sprots paid attention to the Warriors last season, they would see past the nice numbers, 23ppg and nearly 6 reb. He hit the big shots and carried this team in the 2nd half. He probably won the team at least 10 games. Also, I'm not really sure what the author means by "get his head on straight and become consistent" because JRich was the most consistent player on the team last year. Furthermore, how is JRich's head not on straight? He's not a problem player, he doesn't disobey the coach, and his teammates love him. There will never be a top 50 list where everyone agrees on the rankings, but at least give JRich a little more respect.

Do you agree or disagree with the rankings? If you disagree, where should they have been ranked? Also, after this year, will any other Warriors crack the list?

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