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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Seattle

The Golden State Warriors head to Spokane, WA to play their final exhibition game against the Seattle Supersonics. If the Warriors win tonight they finish with a perfect 7-0 in the preseason. The game starts at 7pm so be sure to tune into KNBR 680 to catch the game live.

If last game is any indication, Baron and Dunleavy are going to play major minutes. Also, this will be the last chance for McLeod, Roberson and Barnes to show that they belong in a Warriors uniform. The roster currently stands at 16 so at least one of them will need to be cut. Any predictions?

Let's all hold hands and pray for no more injuries so that we can start the season as healthy as possible. We're going to need a strong start this season to prove that we belong in the playoff conversation.

As always, if you're following along on the radio or the Internet, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Here's a live boxscore from Yahoo!

UPDATE 2: The Warriors missed out on a perfect preseason by losing to the San Jose Supersonics 107-111. After the Oakland Raiders' perfect preseason this year, this might actually be a blessing. Check out the AP Recap

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