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Warriors Say Goodbye to Chris Taft

Nuthin' pretty about Taft's NBA career

It isn't too surprising that the Warriors waived Chris Taft today. We knew there were going to be roster cuts to trim down to the magic number 15 and Taft missed the entire preseason because of injuries.

Taft has had a pretty depressing NBA story so far. Draft pundits widely predicted him to go in the lottery of the 2005 NBA Draft. Some even projected that the Warriors would take him with the #9 pick. The Warriors ended up passing on him twice (#9 Ike Diogu and #40 Monta Ellis) and then finally took him with the #42 pick in the 2nd round. It looked like a low risk-high reward situation. Taft was a big man with skill, but many questioned his drive. Absolutely nothing to lose with a 2nd round pick that late in the draft.


Taft only played in 17 games during his lone season with the Warriors (stats from Yahoo! Sports). With Ike Diogu's early injury and the charmin' soft Warriors interior, Taft had a golden opportunity to carve out a role for himself on the team. His play was decent and even excited some. But then as usual he went down with injuries.

I could never really get a good read on Taft- was he always out of shape because of all the nagging injuries or did he suffer from all those nagging injuries becaue he was constantly out of shape? It's a tough situation. We wish him the best though.

What do you think the future holds for Chris Taft? Is this the last time we'll see him on the Warriors? Is this the last time we'll see him in the NBA?


Props to loyal GSoM community member namjagerungbengi for spotting this news item and updating everyone so quickly. Head on over to namjagerungbengi's diary Warriors Waive Chris Taft for more great GSoM community discussion about Taft.

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