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Clay Kallam Helps Keep Hope Alive for Warriors Nation

Here's a piece on the Warriors that's juicier than a stick of Juicy Fruit from Clay Kallam on Full Court Press:

Warriors' owner Chris Cohan, who not only has run that once-proud franchise into the ground, but also has shown no interest at all in a WNBA team despite the obvious potential for a team in the gay/lesbian capital of the West, if not the United States, has run afoul of the IRS. He is fighting a tax bill of some $400 million, and if he loses, he may well have to sell the Warriors.

That would only be good news for the WNBA, for presumably a new owner would recognize the potential in the Bay Area, which has always been big on basketball despite a lack of success at the professional level, and also supports women's basketball at the collegiate and high school level reasonably well. A WNBA franchise in San Francisco also would make sponsors and TV folks happy, because the Bay Area is the fourth-largest media market in the country. (And, by the way, it would not detract from the Monarchs, for the two regions are distinct geographically and culturally.)

If there's one thing we've been consistent about in our year plus blogging about the Warriors, it's our complete dislike and distrust of Golden State Warriors majority owner Chris Cohan. Not only has the man proven to be a completely incompetent NBA owner, he's looted the best fans in the league for over a decade.

I've always wondered why there wasn't a WNBA team in the Bay Area (and no jokes about how the Warriors are a WNBA team, please!). It just seems like a foolish business decision given the enormous size of the Bay Area as a media market and the deep pockets here. But hey, when you're talking about lawsuit Cohan foolishness is the norm.

I never thought I'd say this, but-- LET'S GO IRS!!
Help us rid the Bay Area of a sports owner that makes John York of the 49ers look like Eddie DeBartolo.


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