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OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 8 - Picks and Posts

Last week, the Raiders finally won a game beating perhaps an equally bad team, the Arizona Cardinals. This week, the road gets a little tougher as the Steelers come to town. As far as the Niners, they didn't play but this week they face a tough Bears team in Chicago. If the Niners lose by less than 10 points, that will be an achievement. There are some other key matchups this week as well. The Indianapolis vs Denver game is the highlight of them all. Here are my picks for the week:

The Matchups
Byes: Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, Washington
Atlanta @ Cincinnati: Cincinnati
Arizona @ Green Bay: Green Bay
Houston @ Tennessee: Tennessee
Seattle @ Kansas City: Kansas City
Baltimore @ New Orleans: New Orlenas
Tampa Bay @ NY Giants: NY Giants
Jacksonville @ Philadelphia: Philadelphia
St. Louis @ San Diego: San Diego
NY Jets @ Cleveland: NY Jets
Indianapolis @ Denver: Denver
Dallas @ Carolina: Carolina
New England @ Minnesota: Minnesota
San Francisco @ Chicago: Chicago
Pittsburgh @ Oakland: Pittsburgh

As you can see, I like the home teams quite a bit. There seem to be a lot of toss up matches with Houston-Tennessee, Arizona-Green Bay, and NY Jets-Cleveland. And remember, don't pick against the Saints this year at home. This should be an interesting week with some potential upsets.

Well, now it's your turn to pick the winners!

This is an old clip, but these are some big time hits. The black and white clips are just nasty!
If the clip isn't working, you can check it out on youtube: NFL HITS!

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