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Matt Barnes and Anthony Roberson Make the Warriors!

Congratulations to Matt Barnes and Anthony Roberson who both made the Warriors' final roster! They both had a solid preseason and it's nice to have them on board. Here's what Nellie had to say about them:

"They both earned it,'' Nelson said. "Nothing was given to those guys, and they made us rethink what we had intended to do."

Now that Barnes and Roberson are on board, what type of impact do you think they'll have on the Warriors' 2006-2007 season?

I'm really feeling the Barnes pickup and think he could be a solid option at the 3 spot if Mickael Pietrus or Mike Dunleavy struggle like last season. It's always good to have a scorer on your bench and from the preseason Roberson had, it looks like he could fit that role nicely.

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