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Golden State Warriors Fantasy Preview

In light of the creation of the recent GSoM Fantasy Hoops league, here's a must-read. It's the Golden State Warriors fantasy basketball preview from

Nellie wants excitement back in Oakland, and the last time we checked low-scoring, defensive basketball isn't exciting...

He's (Baron, of course) made a history of being fragile, failing to play in 70 games since the 2001-02 season. But he's reportedly excited about Nellie taking the reigns, so perhaps this is the year Davis sheds his injury prone label and becomes the scoring and passing machine he is capable of being. Richardson set a career-high in scoring last season with 23.2 points per game, but also chipped in assists, rebounds and a hand full of steals as well. Mike Dunleavy does a little of everything as well and will start at small forward, and it's hard to argue with the fantasy production of double-double dealer Troy Murphy.

Baron and JRich are the two best players to form a team with, but if Troy Murphy gets center eligibility, he's going to be a very valuable player with his double-doubles. Dunleavy has a chance to be a well-rounded, contribute-in-all-areas fantasy player, but he's got to step up his game to be relevant in fantasy hoops.

Anyone willing to take a shot with Diogu, Monta, or another bench player for their fantasy team?

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