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GSoM NBA Preview: Eastern Conference Power Picks

Forget the regular season records, this who will have the POWER in the East by the end of the season:

1 Shaq's not going to try till the playoffs, but Wade's going to have a monster, MVP-level year.
2 It won't be pretty, but they'll win a lot with that defensive mind set.
3 It's between DWade, Kobe, LeBron, and TMac for MVP this season.
4 If these guys could just be more consistent and a little better on the defensive end, they'd be a force in the East.
5 They're fooling themselves if they think they can play uptempo minus Ben Wallace's D and win a lot of games.
6 Kidd and Vinsanity are always a pleasure to watch.
7 There's no way AI and CWebb miss the playoffs again.
8 You're going to think I'm crazy, but they're headed in the right direction.
9 They'll have some drama as usual, but Rick Carlisle will have them fighting for a playoff spot up until the end of the season. 40% chance Jermaine O'Neal is gone at the February trading deadline.
10 They'll be magical next season, but this season just OK.
11 They overachieved last season.
12 $10 says they draft or trade for another swingman before the 2007-2008 season starts.
13 They won't have as many injuries and they'll be better, but still be pretty bad. Maybe Michael Jordan can suit up for them.
14 Chris Bosh should've bolted for the United States.
15 Nice job Danny Ainge- waste away Paul Pierce's prime while surrounding him with some extremely overrated youth.


How do you think the Eastern Conference will play out this year? Post your picks in the comments section and we'll see who did the best Miss Cleo impersonation after the Eastern Conference finals in late May.


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