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Extending Pietrus

Monday night is the deadline for the Warriors to give Mickael Pietrus an extension or he will become a restricted free agent at the end of the season. A restricted free agent is basically the same as a free agent in that he can go receive an offer from another team. The one catch is that his current team has 15 days to match the offer, and if they do, the player remains on the same team.

I can't possibly imagine that Mullin would give him an extension after last season, but weirder things have happened. At least it doesn't seem to be affecting Pietrus.

Last season, Mickael Pietrus said he wanted to be a Warrior for life.

Saturday, he didn't waver in that commitment, even as it became more evident that the No. 11 overall pick in the 2003 draft will become a restricted free agent after this season.

"I still love everybody, no matter what the situation, contract or no contract," Pietrus said. "I just want to enjoy my time here and learn from the best, like Coach (Don) Nelson."

Assuming that Pietrus doesn't get an extension, what kind of year would he need in order to warrant a possible 3-5 year extension?

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