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GSoM NBA Preview: Western Conference Power Picks

This is how the West will be won this season:

1 If Amare's even 75% of what he was 2 years ago- WATCH OUT.
2 They blew a great chance to get a ring last season, but I guess the refs had a little something to do with that.
3 Yaaaawwwnnn... More than the dress code and the new ball, David Stern should work to ban the Spurs from the NBA. They're THAT bad for the ratings.
4 Shawn Livingston's going to have a breakout season. Their owner is a loser though.
5 They should be a top 3 team, but do you really think they're going to be healthy?
6 They'll be the top dog in a weak division.
7 Do you really think a team with Kobe and Phil won't make the playoffs?
8 Do you really think a team with Baron, JRich, and Nellie won't make the playoffs?!! "UNSTOPPABLE BABY!"
9 Ron-Ron's predicting finals, but I'm predicting the end of the playoffs in hickville for a few years.
10 Jerry Sloan will have them playing hard the whole season, but it won't be enough with Derek Fisher trying to be the Salt Lake Kobe.
11 They overachieved last season, overpaid for Peja, and picked up Tyson Chandler's bad contract.
12 Fellas, there's a nice spot for you in San Jose.
13 They've won as many playoffs games as the Warriors in the past 12 seasons.
14 FREE KG! KG luvs India and we luv KG. Bring KG to the Bay!
15 They're fielding a college team.


How do you think the Western Conference will play out this year? Post your picks in the comments section and we'll see who did the best Nostradamus impersonation after the Western Conference finals in late May.


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