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The MAN is Back!

No, this isn't another Don Nelson article. This one is about last year's true Warrior, Jason Richardson. For the last couple days he's been at practice going all out in every single drill and so far the knee is holding up just fine.

"Everything felt good, but we'll see what the doctors have to say, what the trainers say, and what the strength and conditioning coach thinks," Richardson said. "I'm just going to ice it tonight, take it easy, come in early tomorrow and see how it feels. It's the first day of really doing something this much."

As far as what Nelson thought of JRich's return:

"His timing is off, can't make a shot, can't make a pass, he couldn't guard me right now," Nelson said semi-seriously, "But he made my day when he walked out on the court."

He's back, but don't expect him to be the JRich of old just yet. He'll have to use November as his training camp because he wasn't able to participate in the real training camp. But he's a real pro so expect him to be just fine.

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