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Record Day of Diaries at GSoM

Just wanted to thank Sleepy Freud, unblinded (x4), The Golden One, Zorgon, GSDubz, and eshock for making yesterday a record day for diaries. Check out these hot community discussion topics (all from one day!):

Keep the great diaries and community discussion coming. They really make GSoM a cool place. It's fun to read what everyone else writes, but it's even more fun to share your own thoughts- don't be shy! Everyone here is rooting for the same squad; we're all teammates. Definitely sign up for an account if you haven't already and make sure to check out our community guidelines.

Diaries are basically your own blog within GSoM and give you the power to share thoughts and analysis that don't see the light of day on TV, radio, or in the newspapers. It's one of the main reasons we switched over to SBNation this past June from our old blogger spot.

Also, great job keeping the links coming in the diaries and comments. With everyone dropping links and their analysis of articles around the web, we get to hear some fresh, new perspectives (haha, I'm sure you're tired our jokes by now). It also frees up more time for us to focus on pumping out our own GSoM season preview (oh, it's gonna be big) and the usual goofy insights you'd expect from your favorite Warriors fans.


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