Why Davis is still key

Davis says he needs to care less

Golden State's only former All-Star is fit, rested and ready after losing 15 pounds since last season. He played just 54 games before missing most of the second half of the Warriors' 12th straight losing campaign with a sprained ankle.
He told the AP that Shaq advised he just focus on having fun and not try and be the leader.  Its a counter-intuitive line, but for once, I agree with the Diesel on this one.

Michael Jordan transformed the sports world.  There are very few individuals that can take an NBA team on his back and get them to a championship.  Yet, that's what we want from our All Stars.  Now, an individual's desire to win is mandatory, but in today's NBA, there needs to be an organizational philosophy.  That's ironic because one of the main reasons Jordan left the Bulls was that he conflicted with the luckiest man on the planet, GM Jerry Krause, whose ego was so large that he upset Michael and Scottie to pursue Kukoc.  Back to the Dubs...  Baron has lost 15 lbs. and is saying all the right things to the media.  He accepts the role of shooting guard and just wants to contribute.  These public comments excuse the horrible shot selection he exhibited last year.  It seemed that if Baron gave it his all, we had a chance to win.  He was willing to take the big shot, even though he was not the most consistent shooter.  He was trying to lead, and teammates like Dunleavy were unwilling to follow.  Dun probably felt sorry for Monty and abhorred Baron's mutiny.  I just hope that this organization focusses on the goal of improving and let's just see where it goes.

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