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HOT or NOT?! : Fila Grant Hill I

Well, it looks like the GSoM community wasn't feeling the Nike Air Max 180's, which as of this post have a 75% NOT rating. Absolutely shocking! I thought they were pretty nice. Maybe Nike should change the campaign for those kicks from "Ball on Air" to "Air Ball".

This edition of GSoM's Hot or Not fashion segment focuses on the Fila Grant Hill I's which are currently being re-released and sold under the name Fila VB 95 (I have no idea why they changed the name- what does VB stand for?).

Some of our younger community members may be too young to remember the Grant Hill era. GHill was everywhere drinking Sprite and was one of the most popular hoops stars in the mid-90's. Think Lebron of the mid-90's. His first shoe was extremely popular back in 1995 and Method Man rocked it in the classic "All I Need" remix video with Mary J Blige. Check them out:


Track of the Day: Method Man featuring Mary J Blige- "All I Need"

11 years later are the Fila Grant Hill I's HOT or NOT?
Cast your vote in the comments section and leave your fashion thoughts!

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