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Spartan Coverage of the Warriors

San Jose State's finest Kris Anderson (what you thought SJSU's finest was Jeff Garcia? haha) got a chance to check out the Warriors on Media Day. Definitely check out the piece Warriors ready for season that Kris wrote for Spartan Daily. It's filled with great quotes from Warriors players. Tell 'em we sent you!

One of the quotes in the piece that's worth mentioning comes from Mike Dunleavy:

"I don't have any problems playing any position," Dunleavy said. "They haven't used me the right way."

Janny Hu's article today in the San Francisco Chronicle echoed Dunleavy's criticism of how past Warrior coaches used him:

Mike Dunleavy flatly stated Monday that his previous NBA coaches didn't use him correctly.

Even Mike Dunleavy's biggest supporters have to admit that's a pretty bold statement coming from a guy who's never lived up to his #3 overall selection or fat $44 million dollar extension. Dunleavy's never really had to earn those 30 minutes a game either. Given his age and past performance, at this point in his career I don't think anyone believes Dunleavy is a star. He's a role player and role players are supposed to do whatever their coaches ask of them. Role players adapt to their team's needs and fit into the system; the system doesn't revolve around them.

Oh well, I don't mind people talking the talk as long as they walk the walk. Let's see if Dunleavy can live up to his own hype this season.

Do you think Dunleavy's performance thus far as a Warrior is his own doing or the result of Coach Musselman and Coach Montgomery not using him how he thinks was the "right way"?


Also, shout out to all the Spartan students and alum in the GSoM community!

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