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GSoM Training Camp EXCLUSIVE: Adonal Foyle in Shape and Throwing Down 720 Degree Dunks!

Golden State of Mind is so connected to the scene that our scouts have hooked us up with this exclusive footage of Adonal Foyle from Warriors training camp yesterday. Warriors Nation will be happy to know that Adonal has slimmed down, lost those 27 pounds, and worked himself into tip-top shape for Nellie's much-hyped and anticipated run and gun style of play. Adonal's also reportedly spent an unfathomable amount of hours in the gym doing numerous athletic building exercises. We could go on for days about his impressive daily regimen, but why bore you? Take a look at the shocking results:

Adonal Foyle... 720x better!

Foyle: "That 720's in your eye, punk!"

Who needs Jordan and Pippen 2.0 when you have Adonal throwing down 720's?

Are you excited about Adonal's new found athleticism?

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