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Hold up! Time Out!

You ready for the 2006-2007 season? I am! Thought you all would enjoy this. I'm not usually a big fan of the individual posterizers out there ... but these were just insane. I agree with most of the order but there were a couple JRich dunks that should have been in there.

  1. JRich - I've seen better. Should have been higher up!
  2. Pietrus - Only top 10 list I've seen him on!
  3. Amare - There will be a top 10 of just him soon
  4. Lebron - As goes with this guy
  5. Barkley's favorite - Saw this live, insane!
  6. Igie - Seen better
  7. Tmac - Saw this live. Insane x 10
  8. Swift - BOOOOO
  9. Dunk Champ - Not too impressive
  10. Kobe - Yea this was sick

Which one was your favorite?

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