According to, Nellie has decided that the starting Small Forward position will officially belong to Mickael Pietrus, therefore solidifying the starting 5.  

Nelson -- who came into camp not even certain if Pietrus was good enough to get off the bench -- anointed the 24-year-old Frenchman as his starting small forward, which means Jason Richardson will stay at shooting guard and thus quashes the starting hopes of Monta Ellis and Dajuan Wagner.

"That's a no-brainer, so far," Nelson said.

The starting 5 lineup for GSW will be as follows:

Troy Murphy - Center
Mike Dunleavy - Power Forward
Mickael Pietrus - Small Forward
Jason Richardson - Shooting Guard
Baron Davis - Point Guard

Which looks good to me because now we just have ONE weak link in our roster, and with a highly respected coach like Nellie, I don't see any problem with putting someone else in that spot before the trade deadline.  

Also, let's look at the backup 5:

Andris Biedrins - Center
Ike Diogu - Power Forward
??? Cabarkaba? Barnes??- Small Forward
Dajuan Wagner - Shooting Guard
Monta Ellis - Point Guard

Well I'm stumped at the backup SF position, maybe there will be some sort of rotation between the 3 and 4 when that happens, you never know when it comes to Nellie!

Peace out.

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