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Nellie Loves Dajuan Wagner

Tim Kawakami recently visited Warriors training camp to get a look at the team, and came away with one major observation, Nelson loves Wagner.

Don Nelson is going ga-ga over Dajuan Wagner, plain and simple. This is not subterfuge or false trumpeting on Nelson's part in the early days of Warrior training camp.

He just loves Wagner, the 6-foot-2 legendary high school scorer who hasn't played in two years after stomach problems led to a diagnosis of colitis which led to the removal of his colon last year...

You want to play for Nelson? Make shots when others aren't. Ba-da bing, Wagner-who looks in great shape and says he can do everything he used to-is the apple of Nellie's eye.

Honestly, I really didn't expect much from Wagner this year. He seemed to be just an afterthought, but he's pushing his way into getting more minutes which means Monta will have to fight a lot harder for the minutes. Just coming back from his stomach problems that knocked him out for 2 years seems like a great feat, but to be able to step in and play a prominent backup role in Nellie's system is a big step. If he can play the point and backup Baron, the loss of Fisher could be negated.

If Wagner's minutes increase, will that cut into Monta's? And if so, is that a good thing?

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