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Why Dajuan Wagner Isn't Playing

One of our friends/ insiders with the Warriors just tipped us on why Dajuan Wagner hasn't seen any court time this season and didn't play in last night's win, despite the Dubs being short on players. The good news is that Wagner really isn't in Nellie's doghouse. The bad news is that Wagner is really struggling on defense in practice and Nellie is worried about him being a big defensive liability in games. Part of the reason for Wagner's struggles on D can be attributed to his mentality and recovery from his colon problems. He was concentrating big time on reviving his offensive game, but didn't focus on defense as much. It looks like it's just going to take some time for Dajuan and given what he's gone through, he deserves some patience from the coaching staff and Warriors Nation.

As always we'll continue to pass on whatever we find out.

Dajuan bring that D! We want to see you score like crazy off the bench and drive opposing teams and coaches insane!

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