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Recap: Warriors 121, Hornets 116- Can't Nobody Hold Us Down!

SWOOOSH! It was raining game in Northern California tonight and it was pretty. Both the Warriors and the Hornets were sinking shots at a high percentage. The Warriors were stroking it tonight from both 3 point land and the normally dreaded charity stripe (81%), while the Hornets were taking advantage of the Warriors' charmin soft interior. Aside from some very questionable officiating, the game was a pleasure to watch. This is what NBA basketball is all about.


Atma's 10

1) It's pretty when the shots are falling...
Check this out:

  • Mickael Pietrus 4 for 8 from downtown
  • Matt Barnes 2 for 2 on free throws
  • Troy Murphy 7 for 13 FG's and 4 for 4 from the line
  • Monta Ellis 6 for 13 FG's and 7 of 9 FT's
  • Baron Davis 11 for 17 and 13 for 17 from the charity stripe
  • Mike Dunleavy 3 for 3 on free throws
  • Andris Biedrins 1 for 2 FT's (hey, it's a BIG improvement from last season's 30.6%)
  • Anthony Roberson 2 for 5 on 3pt's

Good things happen when you put the ball in the bucket.

2)... but don't count on it.
I hope you enjoyed it because shooting nights like this won't happen for the Warriors that often this season. It might be a few weeks, months even, before we see the Warriors shoot like that again. Granted Baron and Monta driving hard to the bucket opened up shoots for everyone else and kept the shooting percentages high, but it's unlikely this cast will shoot like this regularly. Again, I hope these guys prove me wrong on this one big time.

3) Mickael Pietrus is playing smarter and more effectively.
So far this season Mickael is really showing me something. He's stepped up his rebounding and passing big time. Can you believe MP2 had 5 dimes tonight? I never thought I'd see the day. He had a beautiful drive and dish to Andris Biedrins too.

4) Monta's got game, but he's not ready to play point in the final minutes of the 4th quarter.
Don't get me wrong- there's a lot to like about the way Monta's played this season and it's an absolute joy watching him blow by opponents, but I don't think he's ready to run the point at the end of games yet. I realize what Nellie's trying to do and the value he sees in posting Baron up high in the last few possessions, but I don't know if Monta running the point is the solution. Monta still looks a little nervous and lost on those crucial plays. I expect him to grow into the role, but it takes time. Hopefully things will be different when JRich is back healthy.

5) Biedrins reverted back to his one minute man impersonation.
Why? Why? Andris came off such a solid performance against the Hornets in OKC with his 6 blocks only to foul out in 18 minutes tonight. The Warriors really needed Biedrins with Ike out of the lineup to grab some boards and block some shots, but he didn't come through.

Uuuuuuhhhh- that ugly hitch in the free throw is back.

6) Dajuan Wagner is in Nellie's dog house.
I don't know why, but we'll look into it. I can't believe the man couldn't even get into the game with JRich out. Something must be up.

7) The Warriors are softer than soft down low.
It's been said numerous times by Tim Kawakami and myself- Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy CANNOT play together. Tonight Nellie was in a tough position because of the limited personnel available and Warriors Nation already knows that Murphy + Dunleavy = a Smurfy + Nuthinleavy 4/5 tandem, so I won't harp on this. I think these visuals capture perfectly what other teams see when the Warriors' interior is "defended" by Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy:


Props to the Dubs for winning tonight in spite of their soft interior.

8) Tonight's refs need to go to see an optometrist tomorrow morning.
I don't know what you guys saw at home on TV, but those of us in attendance tonight at The Oracle witnessed 3 officials who must've had some big money on the Hornets. It was that bad. No joke.

9) The Warriors should get better.
Sure they won't hit shots like they did tonight, but think about it- both Jason Richardson and Ike Diogu didn't even suit up (well okay, I guess we have to throw that expression out the door since they had to wear suits on the sidelines with Mr. Stern's dress code). JRich was the Warriors best player last season and I expect Ike to step up and have a nice season overall with improved rebounding and shot blocking to go along with his low post acumen and smooth shooting stroke. Also, Zarko Cabarkapa didn't play. Imagine how good the Warriors will be when the Zark-man's in game shape and can return to dropping 30 points and 12 boards on fools. Hahaha, okay it's way past my bed time...

10) And last but not least- whassup with the Warrior girls?
This is the second time I've seen the Warriors this season in person and I've been pretty disappointed by the Warriors Girls. Sure a lot of our favorites our no longer with the squad anymore, but what bugged me was that they pretty much came out in the same attire twice during the game- that's tacky. Last season they had some pretty fly outfits, but this season their threads are ranking a definite NOT HOT on the world famous GSoM Fashion meter. I can handle the Warriors missing the playoffs for 12 straight years, but this... this is just unacceptable.

Ladies, bring back the fly threads!

Before the Warrior began their back-to-back games against the Hornets, I said that they HAD to at least get a split. Well, the Dubs lost a close one in OKC the other night and then came back and won a close one on their home floor tonight. Mission accomplished. Man, that feels good!

Warrior Wonder

Baron took it strong to the hole ALL NIGHT LONG.
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Do I even have to say? Boom Dizzle came correct tonight with 36 points (a red hot 64.7% FG and much improved 76% from the free throw line- can you believe Baron went to the line 17 times?!), a perfect 9 to 0 assist to turnover ratio, 4 boards, and 3 picks. I'll pass the mic to Nellie to hype up BD (from postgame):

"Baron played excellent tonight. Best game of the year. The most important stat was that he had 0 turnovers. He basically carried the team on his back tonight. He did it all tonight on both sides of the floor and played great defense towards the end."

'nuff said.

Like I noted in the preview: "The Warriors have never lost a game at The Oracle against the Hornets when Hash and I were in attendance" BELIEVE THAT!

Track of the Day: Puff Daddy & Mase- "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"

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