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Rumor: Warriors Looking to Buy Out Adonal Foyle's Contract

Western Conference drop #6 in's weekend edition of the Daily Dime offers some news that shouldn't come as too much of a shock to Warriors Nation:

The Warriors, according to NBA front-office sources, are trying to buy out the contract of center Adonal Foyle, who played just six minutes in Golden State's first six games under Nelson and clearly has no role in Oakland given Nellie's preference for smaller lineups.

I honestly have to say I feel a little conflicted about a buyout with Adonal Foyle. If the buy out goes down, I'm really going to miss the man. He's the nice guy with no skill you always root for. Plus, Foyle's the longest tenured Warrior- he's the face of the franchise! Do you realize that Adonal was here back when PJ Carlesimo "kindly requested" for Latrell Sprewell to "put some mustard on that pass"? Adonal is a community man and the world needs more people like him.

Basketball-wise buying out Foyle is an absolute no-brainer. The Warriors screwed up big time when they drafted him #8 overall in 1997 one spot ahead of... Tracy McGrady. Then in the ultimate "man, how hard did inflatable Thunder bonk you upside your head?" in the 2004 offseason Chris Mullin and company handed Adonal an absurd 6 year deal worth $42 million (see Worst FA's since 1996). And you know the rest (see Adonal Foyle's 2005-2006 GSoM report card). Foyle has gone on to produce these unforgettable "highlights":

Offensive "Powerhouse"
Throwing it down with AUTHORITY.

(by adonalmao)

A Tim Duncan-like touch off the glass

(by adonalmao)


Defensive "Force"
Defending the paint

(by ezesports)

Swatting shots into the 12th row!

(by BBJ)

A move like this has Coach Don Nelson's finger prints all over it. Nellie has essentially taken Adonal off the roster and without a doubt recently had one of those "are you outta your got damn mind?" conversations with his pupil Chris Mullin about Foyle's contract.

It'll be interesting how much of their salary cap the Warriors will be able to free up, if this buy out does indeed go down. Contract buy outs in the NBA and their salary cap ramifications are pretty complicated, so we'll all be paying close attention to the terms of the buy out.

Do you want the Warriors to buy out the remaining 4 years on Adonal Foyle's contract?

Props to loyal GSoM community member ON THE RUN for posting this in the diary Warriors trying to buy out FOYLE's contract!

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