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GSoM Radio Interview!!

You've officially made it big time if you run a Golden State Warriors site and get interviewed on a well known radio show with an ultra-popular host. So it looks like Atma and I will have to wait on the big time status and settle for almost big time. Anyways, we really did get interviewed on the radio station Jazzbeat Radio about the Golden State Warriors and Golden State of Mind. The show actually aired this past Saturday but you probably wouldn't have been able to hear it anyways because of the radio station's weak signal. Also, keep in mind that the interview was done before the season started. Let me apologize in advance for some of the quiet audio which was a result of having to share a mic.

So you're probably wondering how and why Jazzbeat Radio. No it's not a radio station about the Utah Jazz. We actually know the DJ, Boku Kodama, who hosts one of the segments on the show. He's fun to talk to, grew up in The City as a Warriors fan, and definitely knows his hoops. Boku also runs the non-profit Urban VOICE which describes itself as:

Urban VOICE is a video production group of independent filmmakers, artists, writers and concerned global citizens taking ideas on social justice issues and creating workable video projects that inform and empower its participants and viewers to take action for the common good. Our two focuses are the remarkable stories of everyday people in the context of historical events and personal stories in the context of social justice issues.

So, check out Urban VOICE when you get the chance then download the file, sit back and enjoy one hour with your boys, Atma and FJ, on the radio.

Listen to the clip (40 MB).

Definitely let us know what you think about our first time on the radio.

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