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Recap: Warriors 110, Raptors 99 - A Starsky & Hutch Story

For tonight's recap I'm writing a Broadway montage of Starsky and Hutch. It's called "The Warriors Win Baby". It stars two young players who I like to call B & E (Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis). We also have Baron Davis as the policy captain "Doby", guest roles from Mike Dunleavy as "Huggy Bear" and Chris Bosh as the villain "Reese Feldman".


So here's the show:

In the beginning things were sweet for B & E. In the first act we had fantastic defensive stops and sweet drives to the basket. Life was good and they were best friends. High fives and chest bumps, the crowd roared as B & E covered the floor like the back alley of Chinatown's gambling rings. Warriors 28 -21.

Then things turned for the worse in the second act [scary music in background]. B & E are in trouble. Foul trouble as Biedrins shot the pony! Chris Bosh aka Reese Feldman is introduced to the play and scores 13 points with 12 rebounds in the first half. The Raptors took a commanding lead with a 41 point quarter. Chris put a dark cloud on the Warriors, however Dunleavy as Huggy Bear came in and kept the Warriors afloat with 15 points in 13 minutes. Raptors lead at half 62 - 56.

Intermission: Stacey and Holly entertain us with ... um ... fine conversations?

The third act brought a gripping moment when B & E had to find themselves. They had to question who they can trust and if they could work together to stay out of foul trouble. Well, they turned to none other than Captain Doby aka Mister Baron Davis. Baron took the game over and closed the Raptor lead to 4 with the score at end of the third at 80 - 76. Huggy Bear also helped with his aggressive plays to the basket.

Dunleavy came through! Have faith my Warrior fans!

The final act was the defining moment of truth. The villain Chris Bosh finished off a nice night with 23 points and 22 rebounds, but Huggy Bear and Doby controlled the game and helped show B & E how to win it at the end. Warriors win 110 - 99!!

Star of the show: I have to hand out the Tony awards to Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins for their play tonight. Though Dunleavy and Baron both had 22 points (Baron also racked up 12 assists), the game clearly was in favor of the Warriors when B & E were in the game. We started to lose every time the two of them sat on the bench. Baron and JRich are our stars, but it's clear to me that we are going to need B & E to make the playoffs.

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