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RECAP: Warriors 117, Kings 105 -- Oakland the new "capital" for Norcal Basketball

JRich is in uniform! Monta’s usually semi-pimply face is looking clear!  Biedrins' hair is gelled up and styled! Playing on national television brings out the best in players and the Warriors definitely brought some game tonight and not just their looks.
Final Boxscore

The Warriors-- collectively-- were simultaneously a model of offensive efficiency and defensive deficiency.  It was almost like watching the Phoenix Suns, which is a little frightening and I wouldn’t necessarily say for the right reasons.  The Warriors’ alleyoops, acrobatic dunks, and aggressive penetration were practically nulled by a porous defense and a high turnover rate that let the Kings-- shooting below 40% for half the game-- stay within striking distance.  I don’t mean to downplay the fantastic, unselfish play displayed by this new Warriors team, but the Kings matador defensive and equally problematic ball-handling and protection provided the proper context to run and gun.

The next Ben Wallace?
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
Davis had his way with the Kings today.  Check out the stats: 36 points, 8 boards, and an insane 18 assists (and an insane 8 turnovers too).  Fancy ball handling aside, he took apart that defense with an arsenal of moves and nifty passes to various targets.  One of those targets mainly being Pietrus; he hooked Pietrus up with at least 20 of his points -- mostly easy uncontested layups and dunks.  Monta, chipping in 17, looked a lot like a mini-Baron, getting to the hoop at will.  Biedrins, most times, looked like he was the only one guarding the hoop, grabbing 16 rebounds, blocking 4 shots, and altering shots.  Dun, not known for his defensive presence, did a lot of the dirty work tonight: diving for balls, taking charges, offering some weak side defensive, and knocking down jumpers in key moments.  An amazing effort from everyone.

Two more points for me!
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
Tonight's starting line-up featuring Davis, Ellis, JRich, Pietrus and AB (mixing Dun in for Pietrus) gives them one of the most athletic (starting) fives in the league.  Though, I couldn’t help concurring with what the TNT analysts -- Reggie Miller, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley -- had to say about the Warriors.  The game looked a lot like an all-star or rookie vs. sophmore game.  The Warriors relatively light weight schedule so far-- with most games played at home-- puts their success into perspective.  Barkley asked a good question: Can they play like this against a defensive minded San Antonio team?  Kenny Smith’s question seemed more intriguing actually: (it goes a little something like this) The Warriors don’t shoot particularly well, can they continually shoot a high percentage?  Granted, most sports writers and analysts know little about teams outside major market teams, as noted by the great members of our GSoM community.  Also, the Warriors played some lock defense for some stretches of the 4th.  So perhaps their comments were premature?  We’ll see…

Sadly, Adonal's role in Nelson's system
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
Anyway, we’re 6-3!  Let’s keep this up but remember that we still got a ways to go!

Song of the day: Cassie -- "Long Way to Go"

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