Nellie pledging to make changes

Here are some post game quotes from Nellie.  The first one is interesting because he states that the team was worst than last year:

"So much for good starts," Nelson said. "I was disappointed with our performance, our energy and with whatever else went on out there. We reverted to last year, maybe worse. Any way you cut it, we were poor tonight. The team is telling me I might have to make changes."

And the second one rips Dunleavy and Pietrus:

Nelson ripped his entire team, but reserved particular disdain for Davis, who "pounded the ball too much," and Mike Dunleavy, who "was a disaster. He didn't rebound, he didn't score, he didn't do anything."

So what do you expect Nellie to change?!?!?

Dunleavy... GONE... Diogu, will start, that's for sure.  What else?!

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