Don't believe the hype

In the words of Flava Flav, " don't believe the hype!"  I'm new to the GStateofmind and am having some difficulties reading some of these blogs.  I've been through all the years of torture.  I'm under 30 years of age and have had the blue and gold as my go to team in the NBA 4life.  Joe Barry Carol and Sleepy Floyd were my first remembrences of our beloved team.  Then came George Karl, Don Nelson( the glory years), Rick Adelman, a couple of dudes who I can't even remember, Dave Cowens and Mr. DUI Muscleman who shouldn't of even been fired for Mr. Passive Montgomery.  Now we have come full circle to Don Nelson.  The first game of the year and I can't believe my eyes. All this jerking off all preseason about how the GSW are going to be top 10 in the entire NBA, how a healthy B. Davis and J. Rich will be a force and lastly that "the Don" will take them back to the promise land and all I hear is piss. I'm reading all this trash after 48 minutes of a 82 game season-a little premature I think yes.  Dunlevey this, Pietrus that, free throws-WHATEVER!!!  Its the first game yall.  Calm down and take a chill pill. Don't complain about the next best palyer to Odem and Kobe in Turian being that he single handedly was a force in the last 10 or so games of the season last year to propell the Lakers to the playoffs and first round victory and now you all realize that he is very solid.  Don't complain how the Warriors lost their first game and its a shame because look at 4 or more teams that made the playoffs last year in the Heat, Clippers, Suns and Pistons and they are as bad as our GSW right now.  Where is your faith?  Don't jump the gun yall.  Have a little patience and don't let your A D D take over.  Have a beer, sit down and enjoy good things to come.  If not and the GSW take a dump, its all good-we are used to it as opposed to the Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Spurs and Bulls!!!  

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