Give Nellie Some Time!

Calm down. Calm down.

I understand how everyone feels. Opening night. A new beginning after going 7-1. I was very disappointed also. I went to bed after the 3rd quarter, which I never did last year. The deja vu of last season's worst play was very difficult to watch.

The team reverted to their worst play of last year. Like somebody said, Monty was probably thinking, "Hey! I could have done that!"

Dun and MP were almost invisible, just like last year. There was no running game evident. 3PT misses abounded. 65% FT. I could go on, but why?

However. Big however.

It takes time to turn a team around. I have coached many years myself, and anyone else who has coached knows it takes time to rebuild a program.

One big difference was Nellie's comments after the game. He roasted BD and Dun, along with the entire team play. That never happened the past few years. It is exactly what any winning coach would do.

To turn around a losing program requires confrontations, because it's easier to lose. Winning takes much more commitment and effort.

This game was a wake up call for the players. Nellie and his staff have done about everything they could do in a few months. The fans were great, as always.

It's on the players now.

Don't worry, Nellie won't let up. He will insist on excellence or he will sit them on the bench.

Give it some time. Be prepared for some confrontations with players. It happens on all championship teams.

We have much more talent than we showed. The players just have to adjust to the new system and play up to and above their potential. It will happen.

There were some bright spots. Monta looked awesome, solid, and for real. Troy looked really comfortable inside, especially on offense. Andris looked scary inside and almost unstoppable.

If. I know, big if. But if we had made FT's and a reasonable % of 3PT, we would have won easily. JRich was definately rusty. He'll get back in his groove.

Give it some time. It will mesh one way or another. Every spot is open for whoever wants to take it. The players know it. Nellie could care less about PT and salaries. He makes players earn minutes. I wouldn't want to be in that practice session today!

Let's get ready for Friday!

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