An Open Letter to Chris Mullin

Dear Mr. Mullin

You dont know me, but rest assured I know you.  You were the glory days of the Warriors, the running, the scoring, the winning, and the hope.  The hope that every year we had a chance of winning it all, of taking the league by surprise, of taking home the trophy one more time.  If it didnt all come true, it didnt matter because we still had the hope, the chance to say 'we will have another opportunity next year.'  As you know we havent had much of that hope in the past, oh 12 years.  I know you want it just as much as we do, and you are doing what you think is best for the team.  Thank you for bringing in Don Nelson, but a good coach, even a great coach, can't make a losing team a good one.  It's the players that need changing.  I know some of them are your personal projects, and trading them away would be admitting defeat, but we need something new.  Not something new like Antawn Jamison for a disgruntled Nick Van Exel, not letting a free agent walk away and become the 4th leading scorer in the NBA, not letting another summer go by with nothing changing but a few numbers on the salary books.  If anything the talent of our players is worse this year.  The stress of carrying a franchise wore out Jason Richardson's knees, Baron Davis is in a position of having no one behind him to challenge for minutes, and Mike Dunleavy continues to be the player he has always been, I wont get in to that.  I love the warriors, I wish more than anything in the world that they could be a good team, an over .500 team, a playoff team.  Failing that i wish we could be a team with hope.  The Portland Trailblazers were awful, so they took some risks, and are now the kiddy squad and projected punching bag team of the league.  But their fans have hope, hope that Brandon Roy will win ROY, hope that Lamarcus Aldridge will become a solid pivot, hope that Zach Randolph steps it up a notch and becomes a super star.  In golden state, we pray that Baron Davis will stop playing lazy, that Mike Dunleavy will stop sucking horrendously, that our first rounds picks stop ending up as busts.  I did forget to mention Monta Ellis, a risk in the second round who could be a star, try to take more risks like that.  Ok so we do have some things to hope for, and maybe Portland will continue to struggle, but their management isnt afraid to change things if they do.  Thats all I would ask for, be willing to admit that we have made some bad draft picks, bad decisions on extensions, and shake things up.  Fire out trade offers like the Celtics, give Nellie the tools he needs to have an atheltic uptempo offense, cause he is sorely lacking them right now.  This may be a premature overreaction to insubstantial evidence, but I care enough about the warriors to go completely crazy over insubstantiality.  If Don Nelson turns things around, works a few miracles, and delivers without a roster change, I will gladly eat every one of these words, because all I want to see, like every other fan, are the Warriors winning.

Foyled Again

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