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Game #12: Warriors vs. Nuggets

Warriors (W-L): 7-4

Nuggets (W-L): 5-4

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off

The Denver Nuggets visit Oakland tonight for the first of two consecutive games. On Friday the Warriors visit the Rocky Mountain air in Denver. For tomorrow's home game though, the Warriors need to bounce back from their heartbreaking loss to the Phoenix Suns.

For the Nuggets, Kenyon Martin is out and is now one of the most expensive cheerleaders in the nation. But Marcus Camby has not been injured yet, so he's still patrolling the middle gobbling (turkey day!) up rebounds and stuffing (turkey day!) shots in the paint. JR Smith has seemed to find his stroke as he just dropped 36 on the unsuspecting Bulls. And last but certainly not least, look out for Mr. Anthony. I'm really not sure who's going to guard him, maybe Pietrus, maybe Dunleavy, or perhaps we should double team him whenever he gets the ball. He's averaging "only" 31, so expect him to go for the first half.

The Warriors are going to have to get out and run on this team if they want to win. But the chances of that happening maybe be less than stellar if Monta is out or hampered by the cramp that knocked him out of the Phoenix game. Combine that with Baron possibly being out again and you have to wonder where the scoring and distributing will come from. If they don't play, someone has to step up and run the point. Will it be Roberson, McLeod or Dunleavy? The whole team has been playing well, but without their two biggest playmakers, things might become a little stagnant. Let's just hope Monta and/or Baron can play.

Unfortunately, the game is being televised on FSN Plus, which is not included with your standard cable package. So if you don't have FSN Plus, be sure to tune your radio dials to KNBR 680 to catch the game.

Vegas Odds: Warriors are favored by 3

Prediction: Warriors by 5

Vote for who you think will win the game and also leave your own prediction in the comments. If you're watching or listening near a computer, post any comments you have during the game right here.

Also, check out The Nugg Doctor for the latest on the Nuggets.

UPDATE: Live Box Score from Yahoo!

UPDATE 2: Warriors lose 112 to 115 in a close one.

Stay tuned for the recap... in the mean time we got some web pins!

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