Thank You & Happy Holidays

Tonight was brutal. (Technically last night )

A quick introduction: I'm 35, have been a long-suffering W's fan for the duration (I was as a whipper-snapper at all of the Warriors-Bullets games in the Finals way, way back when!) As a rejuvenated season-ticket holder I post the following:

At least in the Suns game our boys were in it to the finish. Two things: we have been spoiled thus far during the uber-long homestand. 5-2 BTW is pretty F**king awesome!

Tonight against 'Melo & his team was Sloppy Jalopy. Let him go off for 40 + but don't fall asleep in the low post! Marcus Camby, whose knees might actually hurt more than Webber's looked liked a monster. INEXCUSABLE!

Again, as a long-suffering W's fan I am pleased & happy to see the early-season potential & the balls-to-the-wall play our Warriors have exibited thus far. Tonight they played a team that while good, could of gotten run out of town in a fast-break transition game. Didn't see that, the making of FT's, or the peskiness of creating turn-overs. The Nuggets were clearly beatable but the game plan was mediocre. God bless Baron but he looked sooo tentative on every play, especially when he drove to the hoop. We'll be fine but I had to vent my frustation as someone who has been to every home game so far. For any of those doubt me, I was kindly asked to leave late 4th Qtr against the Lakers when I threw an entire cup of ice at a Rat-Bastard Lakers fan (probably a Dodgers fan to boot!) who was holding up his Lakers banner for all to see. Not in my house! Happy Thanksgiving all...

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