notes from weds game

The loss against the Nuggets was the first live game  ive had a chance to see, and there is nothing like actually being there to get a read on a team.  So here go my observations

  1. Baron - He is carrying this team far too much - as Baron goes, the Warriors go.  He is playing just a few too many minutes, and until J-rich is completely healthy he is forced to do too much
  2.  Defense!!! - we dont have any of it.  I could end it there, but i think its time we actually think about what kind of defense this team needs to play.  Its not the high scores, an uptempo team is going to give up alot of points.  Its that when the nuggets wanted to score, they did.  They penetrated at will, and there were men wiiiiiiide open on the arc all the time.  Biedrins had a few nice blocks, and we got some nice steals, but those are single possession plays.  Its not hard for other teams to score.  Its fine if the opponent puts points on the board, but they should have to earn them, each and every possession.
  3.  Fouls - Maybe the refs were bad this game, it sure seemed like it in the first half, but thats a biased opinion.  We still foul too often, and too softly.  Usually a foul will deter drives into the lane.  Unless its a foul and a bucket in which case everybody wants to drive the lane.
  4.  Pietrus - I doubted, and so far im being proven wrong.  He is still far from being every  thing we thought he could be, but he is playing well.  He has calmed his game down somewhat (can still be somewhat crazy) runs the floor well, and made some free theows.
  5.  J-Rich - two words, not healthy.  He had a break away dunk, no one for miles, and does a nice easy 2 hand dunk.  Where are the windmills, the 360s, the dunks to get you up out the chair every time(I still stood up).  Come back JR the bay needs you.
  6.  Closing out - Close games killed us last year, and they are doing it again.  Phoenix by three, then Denver by 3 again.  I wont get into the phoenix game, but we had three chances to tie the Denver game, 3!!!  Pietrus wide open in the corner, clank! Monta from the top, clank!  After andre miller misses 2 free throws, dunleavy's desperation attempt CLANK!  thats not a stab at dunleavy, he made a nice attempt begin guarded by two men.  You cant ask for too many more opportunities to win close ones.
  7. FOYLE SIGHTING - he played, he had a crazy nice  shot that resembled a jump hook.  He hustled down some rebounds and shoved someones shot right back at them.  He then proceeded to brick two free throws nasty-like.  But it was good to see that contract contributing something!  This one is dedicated to Zorgon, my fellow foyle faithful
  8. FREE THROWS - 62.1% and thats cause baron and pietrus made about 8 consecutive chippies.  We had  3 technical free throws, missed all three, lost by 3.  I would very much like to throw in some expletives here, but im keeping it PG
  9.  Monta - he dropped back down to human tonight.  Not bad, 11 pts and 9 assists, but he just wasnt the same.  He looked more hesitant, missed some easy lay ups, and finished 4-14
  10.  The thing that lost us the game tonight even more than free throws, was rebounding.  Camby, Evans, and JR Smith had as many rebounds as the entire warrior team.  overall nuggets ate us alive 54-34. I cant find second chance points on any box scores and i wasnt counting at the game, but Evans grabbed 7 offensive boards.  Im just waiting to see if dwight howard can grab 30 on us now.....
And to all you fans who decided the game was over with about 2 minutes left, and started walking out... then come running back in as the comeback started, maybe if you had stayed tonight would have been a win.


unless your a miami heat fan on opening night

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