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GSoM Q&A with Tim Kawakami 11/15/06 (Part 3 of 5)

Golden State of Mind friend Tim Kawakami did another great Q&A with us last week. It's fun to talk Warriors and Bay Area sports with Tim because he always has a fresh, witty perspective. Make sure to make Tim's blog Talking Points with Tim Kawakami a daily stop. Also, make sure to check out his work in the San Jose Mercury. Tim's always got the latest scoop on the Bay Area sports scene and some great insights. Warriors Nation is lucky to have Tim covering the Warriors.

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Here's Part III of our Q&A with the other parts to follow in the next few days...


Golden State of Mind: The Warriors and Adonal Foyle are rumored to be working on a contract buy out. Is there any truth to this rumor?

Tim Kawakami: I can't answer that definitively, but everything tells me that they are and that Adonal is in no hurry to say yes. Why would he? He's getting his money no matter what. Every day he waits, he probably gets a better offer from Mullin and Cohan, who need to eat into the future payments because they've got to pay Biedrins, Ellis and possibly Pietrus.

I asked Mullin last year if he was thinking about releasing Foyle during the one-time amnesty period and he said no. But he didn't say it very forcefully. They probably thought about it, but didn't want to leave Montgomery without a center and didn't want to blow out four years of payments.

They should've bitten the bullet and done it, though. If there's any consistent them I have with this team is that they hesitate too much over mediocrity, which often prevents them from grabbing at the really good stuff.

Golden State of Mind: Nellie seems to have abandoned the idea of playing Troy Murphy at the center spot. Is this the last we've seen of Murphy at the 5?

Tim Kawakami: I think so. Maybe we'll still see Troy in there if the match-up is right (can't think of when that'd happen, though). But with Biedrins playing out of his mind and with Dunleavy out of the starting lineup, there's almost no reason to play Murphy anywhere but at the power forward spot. Toss him out there, see if he's making jump shots (like he was against Detroit). If he's missing early, yank him, go with Diogu or go small.

As you know, I never bought into Murphy at center. You just can't give away that much defensively, especially teamed with Dunleavy and if Murphy's starting at center, it's almost a lock you've got Dunleavy at the four.




Stay tuned for the rest of Tim's second Q&A with us...

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